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Discount Deal

Hi there!

Want to commission me but don't want to pay the full price? This deal will reduce the price by 20% for a month.

The Specifics

I offer you a discount as described above. In return, you write a guest entry for me to post in my blog.

Your discount will last for four weeks, starting from the date of the first consultation you book after you have submitted your finished guest post. You can have as many discounted consultation sessions within that time as you like.

The guest blog entry you write for me will need to:

How to Do It

  1. Write a draft version and email it to me, or show it in the Discount Deal channel of my Discord server. If you want to brainstorm ideas with me you are very welcome to.
  2. Submit a version adjusted according to my feedback. We'll return to item 1, and rinse and repeat, until the blog post is complete and of a quality where I am happy to post it to my blog.
  3. When it is of sufficient quality I will provide you with a link to my calendar so that you can book your discounted sessions.

And that's it! Good luck, and I hope that in addition to us getting some really good consultation time together, this gives everybody out there lots more writer fuel for your works. After all, the more of these that are written, the more inspiration you all get for your writing!