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Designing a setting can be a very rewarding, yet daunting task, especially if undertaken alone. I can help with the development and organisation of worldbuilding settings.



How to Order


£ GBP per hour

Email me on @
Add me on Discord on
The Character Consultancy#2701 and/or
book in on my calendar

Worldbuilding No Frills

£ GBP per 1,000 words you send me


£ GBP plus pay what you want

Email me on @

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Further Details

Here are the different ways you can take advantage of the worldbuilding services I offer.


Consultation time is time that we spend talking over Discord about your worldbuilding project. You have my undivided attention for that time.

I use my counselling training to help you to further develop your setting, identify and fill in under-developed areas, identify areas of over-development if they are detracting from the overall world, organise your thoughts, and generally support you in your setting creation.

I do not add anything to your world unless you invite me to.

Worldbuilding No Frills

The Worldbuilding No Frills is similar to the No Frills I make for individual characters, but can capture information about every setting, from a village all the way up to a whole planet.

Settings can come in a huge variety of sizes. Due to this, I do not give a fixed price for the Worldbuilding No Frills. Instead I charge by the word count of the questionnaire after you have filled it in and returned it to me.

I understand that worldbuilding is an ongoing project and can be difficult to explain or develop in one go. We can add to your setting over time.


Would you like to arrange for artwork of:

  • scenery
  • architecture
  • machinery
  • clothing
  • armour or weaponry
  • blueprints and schematics
  • botanical or zoological drawings
  • maps
  • any other artwork to support your worldbuilding?

I can put you in contact with an artist (or suggest a range of artists) who can provide you with what you want.

I take a small admin fee for the time taken to find you an artist. Let me know the budget you are working with and I will arrange for the artwork for you, or present you with a range of options, depending on which you prefer.

Want To Know More?

See my gallery for examples.

I also have a long list of client testimonials.

How Do I Order One?

I take payment via Paypal. Send me your completed questionnaire to @ and I will be happy to discuss payment with you from there.