The Character Consultancy

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Terms of Service

  • I currently accept payment by Paypal, in GBP. Approximate USD prices are given as an approximate guide for those who use USD as a currency
  • Refunds are issued under the following conditions:

    - full refund if no work has yet been completed
    - partial refund if an Infographic or video has been ordered but no image work has been done

    I do not provide refunds for No Frills once I have sent you the first draft. Refunds under other circumstances are at my discretion.
  • I reserve the right to turn down commissions without giving the reason. However, as a rough guide, usually when I turn down a commission it is due to the subject character (or a peripheral character, or the population of the setting the character occurs in) being dehumanised, coerced into activities in which it does not want to engage, and this dehumanisation or coersion being fetishised or presented in a positive light. I do not offer refunds under these circumstances*.
  • Turnaround times are from the time you return the questionnaire to me and payment has been received. I aim to send you your first draft within 7 days of you sending me your questionnaire plus payment, each subsequent draft within 7 days of you returning your comments about the previous draft to me, and your finished Infographic or video within 7 days of the written analysis being finalised and agreed.
  • Works In Progress are provided during the writing stage as this the analysis is seldom complete on the first draft. However if you would like additional WIPs please advise me.
  • Please note that although I have therapeutic and counselling training, I offer a character analysis and worldbuilding development service, not a therapeutic one. If therapeutic needs arise as a result of analysing your character, species, or setting, I will not offer therapeutic support, and instead will suggest that you seek an accredited therapist in your area.

Consultation-Specific Terms

  • Please make any cancellations with more than 24 hours' notice, if possible. I run TCC partly to allow me to attend various events to complete my diploma, so scheduling is important to me. I appreciate your cooperation with this**
  • Payment for sessions is currently taken at the end of a session. However, in the event that you do not show up, I will still invoice you. If you do not pay this then I will not accept any further bookings from you until full payment of the missed session has been made, and full payment will be required up-front of any further bookings. Exceptions will be made in the case of emergencies, bereavements, etc.

*If you are unsure about whether your character dehumanises, or is dehumanised by, any other character, or whether your setting accomplishes the same, please see this document for clarification. I am always happy to discuss this issue with you prior to your placing an order. However, ultimate responsibility to be aware of dehumanisation in your character or setting lies with you.

**I strongly recommend that you find a way to remind yourself of your upcoming session. Using the alarm function on your Smartphone or your email/webmail's calendar service are popular options for this.