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Student and Graduate Discount

Hi there!

If you've found this page you're probably interested in the student discount. Read on and I'll tell you more about it.

Writing can be a cheap and therapeutic way for students to get a little bit of escapism from their studies, and the same goes for graduates who have yet to secure the job they've trained for. However, writing projects can end up so big, unwieldy, deep, or downright complex that you might want help to keep working on it - including the kind of help I offer.

Many students are also under financial pressure, so paying for the services I offer can become difficult, especially if you order multiple consultations over time. That's why I offer a fun way to secure yourself a month-long discount that you can use as many times as you want in return for your help raising The Character Consultancy's profile!

The Overall Idea

Students and graduates are, by definition, well-educated on specific subjects. Worldbuilding is the development of a world that is well-crafted from as many different perspectives as possible.

What I want you to do: Write guest blog entries, discussion board replies, and web site articles in your area of expertise for the online writing community who enjoy worldbuilding, with a link to any page on, and have your work posted on any of the below web sites.

What I give in return: A 20% discount on anything on my price list, including consultations. See my price list for the current prices.

Feel like giving it a try but not sure what to write?

Talk about it in my Discord server!

How to Write Guest Blog Entries

  • Only articles and blog entries that appear on the below list will qualify for the discount. Those are the web sites I want back-links** on.
  • Specific instructions on how to write a blog entry are linked to below, along with each approved web site.
  • Include a mention of, and link to, The Character Consultancy in your blog entry/article. This is important as it's the whole reason I'm doing this: to get links to The Character Consultancy on authoritative web sites. Without this, your entry will not qualify.
  • If you write an article and the web site's editor doesn't like it, all is not lost - it's always possible to post the same article to another web site.
  • Please do not submit the same article to multiple web sites. Website hosts like the information they present to be unique. By all means dress similar information up in different ways with different wording.
  • Include keywords*. Having the same keyword showing up two or three times in the same article is a good move. Suggestions for keywords include:
    • Backstory
    • Character backstory
    • Character development
    • Character profile
    • DnD
    • Dragon
    • Dragon character
    • Dragon roleplay
    • Dragon RPG
    • Dungeons and Dragons
    • Fictional species
    • Original character
    • Original species
    • Original superhero character
    • Roleplay
    • Roleplay character
    • Roleplay partners
    • RP character
    • RP partners
    • RPG
    • Story development
    • Superhero
    • Superhero character
    • Worldbuilding
    • Worldbuilding help
    • Writer's block

If your article is accepted then it is likely that it will be put in a queue to be posted on the web site on a particular day. If the delay is longer than you would like, feel free to conact me and ask about claiming your discount in the meantime.

Web Sites to Choose From

Please pick from the following list of options.

  1. The Writing Cooperative
    What is It? A blog that specialises in helping writers to improve their skills
    How To Contribute: Follow their submission requirements. Don't worry, it's not too scary! You will need to declare that you are receiving a discount for mentioning The Character Consultancy, within the post.
    Example 1

  2. Reedsy
    What Is It? Reedsy is an online community where writers can find the support they need to get published.
    How To Contribute: Join their community and start contributing.
    Example 1 | Example 2

  3. Writer's Digest
    What Is It? An online and printed resource for writers to get the inspiration they need to overcome writer's block and rediscover their love of writing!
    How To Contribute: Follow the submission guidelines
    Example 1 | Example 2

  4. Hobby Lark
    What Is It? A place for TTRPG gamers, writers, and other hobbyists to read and learn about how to improve their craft. Note that you need to have used my service before in order to justify mentioning my service.
    How To Contribute: Follow the editorial guidelines
    Example 1 | Example 2

  5. Mythcreants
    What Is It? A blog dedicated to fantasy and science-fiction for storytellers.
    How To Contribute: Follow the submission guidelines
    Example 1 | Example 2

  6. Medium
    What Is It? An article web site
    How To Contribute: Sign up to become a partner
    Example 1 | Example 2

Discussion Web Sites (Easier Posting Opportunities)

The following are discussion web sites so any articles you write there are automatically accepted unless you break their terms of service. However, to ensure that your submissions are of decent quality, please ensure that you write at least 1,000 words. This is in addition to the requirements for the presence of keywords and a link to The Character Consultancy.

  1. The Worldbuilding SubReddit
    What Is It? A discussion web site for anything and everything related to worldbuiding. People ask questions and anyone can answer
    How To Contribute: Sign in or log on and start answering questions. Take care: Reddit users are a skeptical bunch and do not take kindly to marketing for marketing's own sake. Reply there mentioning my service only if you think it's genuinely warranted. The same goes for each of these web sites but especially so here.
    Examples are easy to find if you follow the above link. Most replies are very short but if you see a subject you can contribute on, go for it.

  2. The Worldbuilding StackExchange
    What Is It? A discussion web site for anything and everything related to worldbuiding. People ask questions and anyone can answer
    How To Contribute: Sign up or log on and start answering questions. Unlike Reddit, this web site is more subject-orientated than a place to socialise
    Examples are easy to find if you follow the above link. If you see a subject you can contribute on, go for it.

  3. The Odyssey Online
    What Is It? An article web site for anything relating to positive change.
    How To Contribute: Sign up with Facebook via this page
    Example 1

  4. Deviantart
    What Is It? The biggest art community on the Internet
    How To Contribute: Sign in or log on and write a journal entry.
    Example 1

How to Claim Your Discount

When the entry has gone up, email me on @ with a link to it, and as soon as I've confirmed that I've got it you are welcome to start booking your discounted sessions.


"I haven't been to college/I dropped out. Does that mean I can't take advantage of this offer?"

Not at all! 'Students and graduates' is just a quicker and easier way of saying 'educated or expert in a given field'. All I'm looking for is articles written by people who are knowledgeable about something. If you have enough in-depth knowledge about any subject that you could write 1,000ish words about it, then you qualify!

Examples: One of my contacts dropped out of college in his first year. However, he has spent 10 years training in martial arts. He could write about that if he chose to.

Similarly, if you grew up on a farm then you will have plenty of knowledge about the practical side of agriculture. Feel free to think out side of the box!

"I can't think of anything to write in my area of expertise."

I'm always happy to discuss suggestions with you. If you have a Discord account, why not join my Discord server so that you can discuss potential subjects, either with me directly or with the other folks on the server? We're a friendly bunch!

Discord server invite link

"This sounds like a lot of work."

If you are (or have been) a student then it's easy to think that this is going to be like writing an academic paper. It's not. Most guest blog entries are around 1,000 words long, far less-heavily referenced than an academic paper would be, and are written for entertainment purposes.

So don't be afraid - have fun with writing something fun, related to what you're studying!

Good luck, and I look forward to working with you!

For the curious:

* A keyword is a search term; the word or words that people type into search engines to get the results they want. Use them at least two or three times in an article if you can.

**A back-link is a link to a web site on another web site. Google takes into account the number of back-links a web site has and how high-profile the web site is that the link appears on. That is how Google calculates where to rank the web site being linked to. I would like the highest ranking possible.