The Character Consultancy

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Price List

I'm always happy to talk to you about your needs so that you know you're ordering the right service for you. If you have any questions then feel free to email me on @

I usually take payment via Paypal, but if you cannot pay this way please let me know how you would prefer to pay. I invoice you so that I have an invoice number to attach to your order. This helps me with organising my orders.

I am happy to discuss payment plans. Email me letting me know the terms you would be comfortable with and we can negotiate from there.




How to Order

Character No Frills

2-3,000 words of analysis of your character's psychology and backstory


Worldbuilding No Frills

Description and organised lay-out of your setting

£ GBP per 1,000 words you send me

Species No Frills

Organised description of your fictional species

£ GBP per 1,000 words you send me

(character only)

No Frills made into an informative image


Narrated Video

No Frills narrated and made into a video



Time to talk about anything you need to, to support you in develping your character or setting.

£ GBP per hour (or £ if using the Discount Deal

Book yourself in using my calendar


I do the work of finding an artist in your budget to make you some brand new art

£ GBP plus pay what you want

Email me on @

Please be sure to check my Terms of Service

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