The Character Consultancy

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Worldbuilding Gallery

I help worldbuilders to develop their settings, and here are some of the projects I've worked on. Take a look and see how I work!

Worldbuilding can either happen in real-time (which I call Synch, for synchronised) or by email (which I call Asynch, for a-synchronised). To get Synch worldbuilding you book a consultation with me. For Asynch, email me a copy or link to the work you've already done on your worldbuilding and I'll respond to you as soon as I can.

Most of the settings below are incomplete. That's the nature of worldbuilding as there's almost always more that can be done. I've left my notes, and those of my clients, intact so that you can see how I work. All notes are in [square brackets], with mine being in blue and theirs being in red.