The Character Consultancy

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Worldbuilding Gallery

I help with the development of worldbuilding scenarios. Here are some projects.

Please note that it is the nature of worldbuilding projects to remain indefinitely incomplete. While I strive for the best sense of completeness possible in the examples below, there is always more work that can be done on a world and greater depth to go into. Aside from this, the original creators of these worlds often make changes to their worlds as time goes by, and this adds to the dynamic quality of worldbuilding projects.

Click on the icons below to see the full profiles of each setting. Blue text in [square brackets] is my wording, and I often ask questions, and make comments and suggestions to help stimulate further development of the world. Writing in red is by the client, which I have not yet replied to or incorporated into the profile. I have left these intact so that you can get insight into how I work. Currently the best example of this is Nordhaven by ShardaronTheDragon.