The Character Consultancy

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Character Gallery

RP / Roleplay and Story Characters (human)

Roleplay (often shortened to "RP") is a popular online activity for people passionate about their characters. Here is my RP portfolio to date.


RP / Roleplay and Story Characters (non-human)

Non-human characters are often used in online roleplay, and many have-non-standard psychology. For example, anything that hatches out of an egg has a different experience of autonomy to anything born as a helpless infant because they can find their own food, hide from predators, and follow their mothers as soon as they hatch.


TTRPG / Table Top Role Playing Game

TTRPGs are adventure style games played by groups of people, each with a character, and led by a "games master" or "dungeon master". Here are some characters I have explored with their creators.

Commercial / Professional Project Work

Examples of the work I have done with novel writers, graphic novel and comic creators, and game developers.


Stage Performers

I can work with characters who perform, ad lib, and interact directly with an audience. I am capable of working with costumed performers, burlesquers, dancers, comedians, and singers or other musicians on their stage personae.