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Discount Deal

Hi there!

Want to use some consultation time but don't want to pay the full price? This deal will reduce the price to £ per hour for a month.

Want to know more?

The Specifics

I offer you a huge discount on consultations as described above. In return, you write a guest blog entry for me.

The discount you earn will last you a month from the date of our first consultation after the guest blog entry has gone up on the Internet. You can have as many discounted consultation sessions in that time as you like.

The guest blog entry you write for me will need to:

  • be at least 1,000 words long. Not sure how long that is? Here's a 1,000 word long example.
  • share what you know! Help out your fellow worldbuilders, writers, and storytellers by giving them knowledge that they can use, in a subject you're knowledgeable about, and
  • mention my web site and service.

How to Do It

  1. Write a draft version and show it to me at @, or on my Discord server. If you want to brainstorm ideas with me you are very welcome to. If you are (or have been) a student you are welcome to write about the subject you're training in. If you aren't, then there are still all sorts of subjects you can write about.

    For example, one of my clients is a shopkeeper. He is writing a guest blog entry about what it's like to be a shopkeeper, as shopkeepers sometimes show up in fantasy stories and a little bit of inspiration for the people who write those stories about how shopkeepers run their shops might come in handy to them. When we brainstormed, we talked about busier and less-busy times, how he treats tourists vs. regular clients, and the politics between himself and other shopkeepers. Then we speculated about how adventurers, magic, and other fantasy elements would fit into all of that.

    Another of my clients works on the AI for a dating app as his day job. He wrote this article about how AIs are written, how they 'think', and how to interact with them to get the best out of them. This would be excellent for anyone writing a sci-fi or cyberpunk story.

    And another of my clients had passed his black belt test at the time I'm writing this. He is fascinated by the history of karate so read about it for himself, and is currently writing me an article about how monks used to use martial arts to maintain a pacifist lifestyles. If you have their pacifist character or species, this information could be very interesting to you!

    Even writing about mathematics has potential for worldbuilding and storytelling. For example, the long-standing The Simpsons series includes a playground scene where three girls are busy playing a skipping game. Have you ever noticed how most cartoon characters (including the ones in The Simpsons) have 8 fingers instead of 10? The girls are counting as part of their game, but rather than using a decimal system of counting (one based on 10s), they're using an octal one (based on 8s), as it's very likely that a society of people with 8 fingers would use an octal numerical system. There are far more examples of mathematical worldbuilding in The Simpsons, in Simon Singh's excellent The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets

    Here's an article I wrote myself about dog grooming, to demonstrate what I look for in an article: the length, the helpful knowledge, and the link to The Character Consultancy.

    And if you're really at a loose end about what to write, then writing about how to overcome writer's block is always a good option.

  2. When we are both happy with what you've written, I'll show you some options for where to post it.

And that's it! Good luck everybody, and I hope that in addition to us getting some really good consultation time together, this gives everybody out there lots more writer fuel for your works. After all, the more of these that are written, the more inspiration you all get for your writing!