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Discover Kaleida

An Unspoilt Fantasy Planet

Worldbuilding experiment for, and by, The Character Consultancy

Kaleida is an ongoing worldbuilding project by Hayley, the founder of The Character Consultancy. I help with all aspects of worldbuilding, fantasy species, and character development. Kaleida is my way of showcasing the level of worldbuilding detail I'm able to achieve. If you wish, you and I can work together and achieve something similar for your fantasy and sci-fi worlds.

I am modelling Kaleida on an unspoilt, colourful planet with rich biodiversity. Kaleida itself is Earth-like as most worldbuilders appear to prefer to work with planets similar to our own, but if this project is successful I will create worlds that differ from Earth, and showcase those too.

Learn about the overall planet here.

Everything you see here is a result of research I have done, which I have made into an immersive world that you are free to explore. Happy travels!