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The Four Flamingos of the Apocalypse:

The end of the world is at hand and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse stride forth. Unfortunately due to a celestial mishap, the Horsemen have all incarnated as flamingos. Help the Four Horsemen to realise what they are, find each other, and make their destiny a reality.


The Four Flamingos of the Apocalypse is my first interactive story. I wrote it as a demonstration of my writing skills and for fun. What can I say? Flamingos are fun to write about regardless!

My plans for this story:

  1. Write Pinion's origin story
  2. Write Shrimpwing's origin story
  3. Write Marshfoot's origin story
  4. Write Sleekneck's origin story
  5. Write the main story: the four doing what Horsemen do!

Want to support me? I run a Patreon that helps me to pay my bills from one month to the next, and that frees up time for me to concentrate on writing this. Click on the icon below to see my tier options.

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